Minggu, 17 November 2013

Legitimasi Politik di Makam Tuan Guru: Perilaku Ziarah Politisi Lokal ke Tarekat Naqsyabandiyah Babussalam (TNB)

Oleh: Ziaulhaq, MA
Dosen Fakultas Dakwah dan Komunikasi IAIN Sumatera Utara,
ziaulhaq.phd@gmail.com, 08126415543

This article is related to politicians’ ziarah act to Tarekat Naqsyabandiyah Babussalam (TNB). TNB is a phenomena that is always related to political moment such as regional election and legislative election. The phenomena is important to be showed about how local politicians’ ziarah act in TNB. This articles’ objective is to answer the questions have been proposed.

As long the research has been done, can be found that local politicians’ ziarah act in TNB is to get the master’s praying and members’ praying. In ziarah activity there are reciting Yasin 41 and praying in front of the founder’s funeral. As a legitimation for politician can be seen as follow: publication of ziarah activity on printed media and electronic media; putting the master’s photograph on banners in public sphere; coming to haul of TNB; and using TNB’s activity.

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